Yuko Itami is a high-schooler, who is the punching bag at the school she goes to. She is a character created by Galaxy.

Appearance Edit

Yuko is a short girl who has dark hair which hardly reaches her shoulders. She suffers from Heterochromia, and has a blue eye and a red eye. Yuko wears her school uniform most of the time, along with bandages and a few patches. She has a lot of cuts, bruises, and wounds, which are either self-inflicted or caused by the people that bully her at school.

Personality Edit

Yuko is a rather quiet and deprssive person, very much thinking about life, or suicidal matters. She almost never talks, and just follows every order she is given. Whenever she is asked something that can be answered yes, or no, she simply moves her head to indicate the answer. She is also quite sadistic, having attempted and sometimes succeeded in getting revenge by killing some of those who bullied her.

Trivia Edit

  • Aki uses this character in a RP whenever she has the feel to rant, or when she is sad.