Yuki Kanno is a young girl, who somehow ended up tangled in the UB shenanigans of Rebun and co.

Appearance Edit

Yuki is a beautiful young girl whos outward appearance is rather girly. She has long, chocolate brown hair that she keeps in two pigtails.She wears a yellow sweater with a rose flower on the end. Along with a red skirt. Her eyes are a bluish purple color.

Personality Edit

Yuki is a shy and quiet girl, preferring to avoid conflict. However, when someone she cares about is injured, she will not hesitate to rush to their defense. Yuki is actually rather emotionally fragile due to her traumatic upbringing.

Relationships Edit

  • John (Sees him as an older brother)
  • Sly (Sees him as an older brother)
  • Rebun (Cares for him deeply, sometimes accidentally calls him "Dad")
  • King (Barely trusts him, due to having "nightmares" about him stabbing her eye out and injuring her friends.)

Abilities Edit

Nothing too special just yet, other than being able to hide in tight places and wield scissors with dangerous accuracy.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuki originates from the Corpse Party series.
  • Despite dying in said series, Yuki is alive now
  • Yuki's parents were murdered when she was very young and she unintentionally saw it. (However, their killer is unknown.)