Backstory Edit

Yoshiko was born in Osaka, Japan with, Her two parents, <DISCLOSED INFORMATION> and her Three Brothers, <DISCLOSED INFORMATION>. When she was only Five years old She got separated from her family and was living in the streets of Tokyo until she was 13. She was taken in by the Yakuza named "Akuma no te." or, "The Devil's Hand". She had been in the Gang for Three years until she had seen something horrifying that the Gang had done. She was 16 when she ran away from the group, and made her way to America.

Appearance Edit

Yoshiko has Blue hair, A blue sweater, Black and White stockings, and a skirt. She also wears the mask given to her by the Yakuza she was in.

Personality Edit

Yoshiko is serious at times when she needs to be, but at other times she is usually calm and collected, While also having fun.

Trivia Edit

  • This OC is somewhat based off of User:Jess That girl you see down the street.
  • Yoshiko is currently in a Relationship with Himeno.
  • WIP
  • The "<DISCLOSED INFORMATION>" was on Purpose.
  • Yoshiko has no Memory of her parents and brothers, due to them getting split at a very early age.