Will Charga (Pronounced Char-JUH) is a character created by Kingfireblast.

Will Charga is the member of Ted Massmur's gang. He is mainly a tank-like member and rushes his enemy with an axe.

Personality Edit

Will respects very little people. Will only respects people who are either: soldiers, violent, or fighters. He takes many risks and never gives up on anything. Will gets extremely angry when he is damaged and will continuously try to kill who hit him, no matter who is in the way.

Abilities Edit

"Charger" Will can charge an enemy with his axe, leaving very little time for dodging, and dealing a lot of damage.

History Edit

Will took most of his days practicing using his axe to destroy or kill things. He usually used his axe on animals, but eventually moved on to killing people. His first murder was against his neighbor who tried running Will over to stop him. After Will joined Ted's gang he began murdering much more. Will went to jail twice, escaping both times and eventually killing the officer who arrested him. Will ended up becoming one of the most powerful rush killers.

Trivia Edit

Will refuses being told what to do and always chooses his own way.

Will's axe is named Butcher or Butch.

Will wears an army helmet.

Will doesn't use guns.

Will specializes in using any melee weapons.