Wesson is a character created by Kingfireblast.

Information Edit

Wesson is a gun smith who builds and repairs many guns. Wesson can shoot rifles and pistols, but he doesn't know how to shoot automatic rifles since he has never handled one before. Wesson, along with being a gun smith, hunts for a living. Wesson lives in the mountains and occasionally is attacked by a few rival gun smiths, but so far he has come out victorious during the attacks.

Abilities Edit

Wesson can repair and build guns, with the right supplies when needed.

Wesson is very accurate when firing guns, being able to snipe enemies from a very long distance.

Trivia Edit

Wesson actually named his famous revolver, Smith and Wesson, after himself and his brother who is deceased.

Wesson usually carves the name "Smith" or "Wesson" into most of his weapons, rifles having "Smith" and pistols having "Wesson."

Smith, Wesson's brother, was killed during one of the attacks from the rival gun smiths. After the attack Wesson mourned his brother and soon after killed all the workers from the rival gun smith who killed Smith.

Wesson is a member of a bounty hunter group that Smith used to be the leader of.