Webber is a character from Don't Starve, this is Kingfireblast's interpretation of him.

"Fear the Spiders"

Description Edit

Webber is the king of the spiders having rose to power after mutating himself into a spider and becoming the most powerful spider of all. Webber has since been worshiped by all of his kind, but hated by many of his enemies such as the Pigs.

Appearance Edit

Webber looks like a human and spider combination having, large teeth, 6 arms, and big spider like eyes.

Abilities Edit

Webber can summon his spider minions named Jaws, Tiny, and Biter to help him in combat.

Webber can also shoot webs and crawl on walls making it difficult to catch or attack him.

Webber can see in the dark.

Jaws Edit

Brawn of Webber's militia being first to charge at the enemy. He is extremely strong but slow and vulnerable to attacks.

Tiny Edit

Archer of Webber's militia Tiny tends to stay back with Webber and shoot oncoming enemies, and if it comes to it slicing some enemies with his dagger. Tiny, as his name would say, is very small and agile, being able to dodge attacks quickly, but he is very weak to most attacks.

Biter Edit

Combat medic of Webber's militia Biter tends to stay back with Webber and Tiny, but still attempts to stay near Jaws to help him in combat. Biter has moderate speed and can take moderate damage.

Weaknesses Edit

Webber is not very good at hand to hand combat and prefers shooting his enemies with webs from afar having his minions show his enemy the iron fist.

Webber occasionally goes into a rampage when being fought enough. During his "rampage" stage he will attack anything and kill it very easy, even in hand to hand combat. After this stage is over Webber is extremely weak being nearly unable to walk.

Webber can't swim.

Trivia Edit

If Webber is hungry enough he will eat humans.

Webber still holds onto his previous education, having gone to college. He will say very intelligent language and name many equations and scientific laws.