Unf Inished (Real name unknown) is a normal human, except for the fact he looks completely white, with no details at all (Hence the name)

Appearance Edit

Unf lacks details, and is completely white, just like an unfinished human.

He also lacks pupils, eyelids, a nose, ears, and a mouth, although he is still able to see, rest, breathe, hear, and talk.

He was born that way, and nobody has an explanation for it.

Abilities Edit

Unf can increase or decrease his weight, being able to pass from 50 lbs to 150 lbs in only a few seconds, bringing him a great advantage in combat, running, and jumping.

In addition to the above, he can move fast, but he lacks resistance.

Personality Edit

Despite trying to talk the less possible, he is an open an friendly type of person.

He is always attemping to find out why he is like that when he can.

He is a very tired person, and tries to rest whenever he has a break or free time.

Trivia Edit