The UB Nation Underground Research Labs are as said underground facilities where research for the UB military and government is developed. The facility is divided in 2 different research wings.

Technological Research WingEdit

The technological research wing is used for developing communication devices, A.I. and many other developments that are beneficial to both the government and military.

Biological Research WingEdit

The biological research wing is where augmentation to soldiers are researched.

This wing contains 2 parts.

  • Soldier Augmentation Chambers

Soldiers or test subjects that are willing to be augmented are experimented in the chambers, improving the UB's military knowledge of the augmentations.

  • Captive Experimentation Chambers

Captives from enemy nations/factions are experimented on here. Those who cooperate have a second chance, and those who refuse pile the organ storage known as the "DEAD" section.