Ted Massmur"der" is a character created by Kingfireblast.

Ted Massmur grew up with a life of crime and murder. He won his way with the police through continuous bribes, allowing him to continue murders in his home town.

Personality Edit

Ted Massmur or Ted Massmurder, as they call him, is very kind and friendly, but if you get on his bad side expect a long painful time with him. Though he may not seem it, Ted is actually very smart with both things his says (sometimes) and how he thinks up ways to murder people. Ted tends to be reckless with things he does, but will always attempt to make up for any mistakes he made. Ted is very strong and very accurate while shooting making him a very scary person to attempt to fight. Despite how strong he may be, Ted is not very good at fighting melee without a weapon. Ted is very crafty with his weapon choices, making a weapon out of almost anything.

Abilities Edit

"Cool The Heat" Ted can find a way to make himself hidden in the shadows, or blend in with the crowd very easily. He mostly used this against police officers who actually wanted him captured or killed.

"Crafty Killer" Ted can take a pause to think and find out how to get himself out of a situation. Ex: finding an exit or finding a weapon.

Early Murders Edit

"Studies show that some are easier to fool than others when it comes to luring into a trap, wouldn't you say you agree?" - Ted talking to one of his first victims as he stabs them after leading them into a trap.

Ted started by murdering his fellow highschool students when he lured them into traps which he claimed were meeting spots for tutoring or just hanging out.

Ted tended to murder females including 14 of his female teachers, his ex girlfriend, 3 of his friends, and his cousin who went to the same school as him.

Ted murdered a detective who attempted to find out who had caused the murders in his school

Ted's last murder at his school was the principal who he shot 16 times in the chest.

Any other murders caused by Ted were in the streets at night.

"57 and counting!" - Ted's words about his final murder in his hometown.

Trivia Edit

Ted is a member of a gang in his home town, "The Police Antagonists."

Ted used to be a tutor at his highschool until he was found out for his life of crime.

Ted has murdered a total of 57 people, are you next?

Ted tends to be a coward in most situations where he doesn't have the upper hand.

Ted uses shards of glass, hatchets, hammers, baseball bats, and knives for his melee murders. As for his ranged murders, Ted uses pistols, usually revolvers.