Appearance Edit

Mayu is a teenager with dull green eyes. Her brown hair is styled into a small ponytail at the top right side of her head, held by a hair tie with two pink spheres. Her bangs are kept back with two orange barrettes.

Personality Edit

Pre-Death: Edit

Mayu is an extremely kind and sweet girl, who cares deeply for her friends. She has a crush on Morishige, but often pushes it aside. She's all too willing to risk her life for her friends and family. Oddly enough, she has a dark side. This side is manipulative and ruthless.

Post-Death: Edit

Mayu, despite being deceased, is still the same girl she was in life. However, she ceaselessly searches for her "Shige-Nii", and is almost never NOT searching for him. She retained her "dark side" in death.

Abilities Edit

  • She's extremely talented at acting, and as a result of this, can lie easily.
  • She understands Zalgo language, but despises it.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Whenever someone insults Morishige, Mayu will lose her temper, and attack whoever insulted him. This goes for all of her friends.
  • She gets scared easily, and will often flee from terrifying situations. This is what led to her demise.

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