This Sonic IS relative to FNaF, he always tends to go to the pizzeria and even works there as a guard.

Who is SonicEdit

Sonic is a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog with the power to run at extreme speeds. He is a kind hearted hedgehog and does good deeds. He destroys all evil who come his way, and he never gives up. Sonic also is a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and only works there for 3 shifts.


  • Spindash
  • Tornado
  • Speed Chaos Spear
  • Sonic Super Spin
  • Super Tornado
  • Extreme Spindash


  • Super Sonic
  • Darkspine Sonic
  • Dark Super Sonic
  • Hyper Super Sonic

Super SonicEdit

Super Sonic is a more powerful form of the normal Sonic. Super Sonic has gold/yellow fur, and his spines all prick up. The spines are similar to those of Shadow the hedgehog's. He also has gold energy around him, and uses it to charge/use attacks and to shield himself. Also, Super Sonic tends to put in more energy in his attacks from Normal Sonic, making them 3x stronger.

Darkspine SonicEdit

Darkspine Sonic is a more powerful form of Super Sonic. He has purple fur with pupiless white eyes,two white stripes streaming down to his eyes, four gold ring cuffs (on all wrists and ankles), white ring-like marks on his arms and feet, and a white chest.

Dark Super SonicEdit

Dark Super Sonic is a more powerful form of Darkspine Sonic. He looks like Super Sonic, but has pitch black fur with a tan muzzle, chest and arms. He also possesses dark energy and when he releases negative dark energy, all actions are slowed down harshly.

Hyper Super SonicEdit

Hyper Super Sonic is the most powerful form of Sonic the hedgehog. He has silver fur that can glow in a variety of colors all at once. He possesses hyper energy, which can make any of his normal attacks dangerous killing abilities.


Sonic was born along his two siblings, and His mother is and his father is He was gifted the power of extreme speed when born, and always fights evil. Sonic came to the real world after living life in Mobius. He still battles evil, and makes new friends each day. Sonic may also have rivals, such as Meta Knight. He is an acquaintance of everybody around him, and won't hesitate to help anybody. Sonic has fought many friends,enemies, and rivals, such as Dr.Eggman, Knuckles the echidna, Meta Knight, and many ot


  • Sonic vs. Shadow
  • Sonic vs.Dr.Eggman
  • Sonic vs. Meta Knight
  • Sonic vs. Knuckles
  • Sonic vs. Tails (Corruption)
  • Sonic vs. Jet


  • Shadow-Friend/Rival
  • Silver-Friend/Rival
  • Knuckles-Friend/Rival
  • Tails-Best friend
  • Jet-Rival
  • Meta Knight-Rival