Sissel is a black cat with a red scarf.


As mentioned above, Sissel is a black cat, that has a red scarf tied around his neck. He has big yellow eyes, and a pointy tail. When he's in his spirit form, he can either take his form, the form of his owner, or the form of a blue flame.



Cat-Like abilities: Sissel can jump pretty high, avoid fast small objects, or catch them. He can also climb on straight vertical surfaces, although for a limited time. He also has a hearing that goes from beyond the range of humans' and can see in the dark.

Human-Like intelligence: Sissel can reason like a human and is able to understand English, although he can't read.


Sissel's Spirit has a range of different abilities:

Possession: Sissel can possess certain objects, and use them to move around, although he cannot possess huge objects. 

Mental powers: Sissel can read other people's minds, and also talk to other people using their thoughts.

Phone line travel: Sissel can travel to phones he has possessed, or the other side of a phone when a person is calling. He can also see the other side of a phone conversation. This isn't limited to cellphones.

Ghost Trick: Sissel can activate a certain mechanism in the objects he's possessing, and use them to his advantage.


Sissel is a cool-headed cat with a snarky sense of humor. He has a strong moral code, although he can sometimes skip it for his own sake, or the sake of another person.


Sissel is a character from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

I decided to remove his ability to travel 4 minutes before a person's death because I considered it OP.

Due to a radioactive meteorite stuck in his heart, Sissel never ages.