About Shinnok Edit

Shinnok is konsidered to be one of the most evil beings in the universe. A vengeful and powerful fallen Elder God, In the Armageddon, seemingly leading the side of evil.

Shinnok relies on magical powers and ancient artifacts, instead of brute strength and fear-mongering. He is the ruler and god of the Netherrealm, possessing millions of years' worth of knowledge and power. He can impersonate any other beings of his choosing, as well as to transform into an immense demon. He also possesses extreme cunning, as well as the ability to manipulate events through others. He merely plays with his targets, although.

Shinnok demands unwavering faith and loyalty from his followers and will not hesitate to kill anyone who doubts, challenges, or even represents a potential threat to him. He is very brutal and heartless.

Appearance Edit

Shinnok appears as a very tall, slender built man. Because of his korruption and imprisoning in the Netherrealm, his skin is kompletely white and decayed. His eyes are usually changing from white to green, this effect resulting from his powers. As a mockery to the Elder Gods, Shinnok is wearing for formal gatherings a predominately blue robe with golden motifs, a reference to his royal roots.

Combat Characteristics Edit

Powers and abilities Edit

Being a fallen Elder God, Shinnok possesses immeasurable powers. The nature of his powers seem to revolve around darkness and the Netherrealm, summoning skeletal hands from the ground to grab and bind his opponents as well as pulverize them. He also possesses shape-shifting. Unlike most shape-shifters, he is not required to steal souls in order to perform this feat, instead he must have to merely see them or use his sorcerer skills . His powers of mimicry and shape shifting are absolute, as he can mimic the abilities and powers of other kombatants; the only drawback to this is that the powers he mimics must be in his jurisdiction. He is unable to mimic every power due to the fact that he doesn't have his amulet nor his staff. Despite this, he can still mimic black magic freely. With his amulet, Shinnok can freely traverse the realms and open up portals.

Related to his mimicking abilities, Shinnok is kapable of kreating klones or physical illusions of other warriors with their powers and abilities intact. His magic abilities also include the ability of creating demons and wraiths to do his bidding.

With his amulet, he regains all his immense power befitting a fallen Elder God.