"Knock knock! "Who's There?" Dishes. "Dishes Who?" Dishes a Bad joke!" -Sans telling Sayaka a Joke

Sans is usually a laid back fellow, but when it comes to certain scenarios, he gets a bit mad. Sans is also trying to protect everyone, so he makes sure that the same things don't happen again with his brother and friends.

Appearance And Personality Edit

Sans is a small little skeleton with a kind heart, unless you kill everyone he knows. Then he goes into a personality he's trying to hide from everyone. He has 2 personalities he holds within him, Pacifist and Genocide, The Pacifist side is the one he is showing, but Genocide is the one he is hiding. In Genocide His left eye glows blue, and his left hand glows blue too.

Genocide Edit

While in his Genocide Personality Sans is capable of different things. Sans could levitate someone and smack them against the wall with such force, they either die, or end up seriously injured. Another thing he can do is summon creatures named Gaster Blasters. Gaster Blasters are basically these things who fire lasers at a high rate and have a very high damage rate. Finally he can summon bones of any sizes and shapes. Sometimes when the situation is dire, he can summon a bone with a sharp end. Sans can also turn INSANE in this mode, his eye would be twitching from Red to blue, he would be trembling and would cry uncontrollably, this would happen if He failed to protect the ones he love.

Pacifist Edit

Sans is Just Basically Showing his Normal self.

Trivia Edit

  • Sans is currently in a relationship with Sayaka Maizono (AU).
  • Sans is somewhat a tortured soul because he keeps getting visions of his friends and family dying.
  • Sans would do anything even if it kills him to keep his friends safe.
  • When Sans sits on the couch he talks for a short time until falling asleep.
  • sans is sans.
  • Sans' Brother Papyrus is confirmed Alive, aswell as Frisk.
  • snas is sans backwards.