This page contains all the rules on the UB RP Wiki.

For every offense you will get a longer ban.

Some of these rules are jokes made by the Staff. Those rules will have a * symbol at the end.

Wiki Rules

  • Do not vandalize a page, or edit it without permission from the user that made it, unless it has been vandalized, or it's a page that breaks the rules. This can result on a "longer than usual" ban
  • Harassing another user will result in a week ban.
  • Do not beg for a staff position, this can get you banned depending on how much you ask. Check here for staff requirements.
  • Do not copy another person's character, this can be disrespectful for the person that originally made it.
  • Adding to the above, do not use another person's Original Character, or Alternate Universe of an already existing character without their permission.
  • Don't spam in threads or Message Walls, this will result in a ban depending on how much you spammed.
  • Don't trust Kingfireblast with a gun really don't. *
  • Do not joke about suicide, or self-harm.
  • Listen to the staff.
  • Don't believe in the broom closet ending. There's no broom closet ending, Stanley! *
  • While you're roleplaying, be balanced, and don't Godmod, or control another person's character.
  • Don't advertise another Wikia's Chat. Posting other links is fine, but not excessively.
  • Don't use text that's impossible to read. Once or twice is fine, but more than that gets spammy.
  • Do not post NSFW content. This can go from images to transcripts.

Chat Rules

  • All of the Main Wiki's rules add here
  • Don't fill Chat with walls of message or repeated messages. Depending on the amount, it can be a warning, or a ban
  • Don't fill Chat with Drama or Arguing.
  • Don't mention Seiko in front of Rebun. *
  • Telling Pierrot not to do something will make her do it 50% of the time. *