Recker Din is a character created by Kingfireblast.

Recker is professional spy, mainly taking part in wars to gain intell on the enemies. Recker is also an assassin and killed multiple generals and other officials during wars.

Personality Edit

Recker is a very kind person, attempting to make conversation with others and just be friendly in general. Despite this, Recker is easily angered and will most likely get into a physical fight immediately. Recker is very careful with things he does, watching his every step and making sure he moves quickly and quietly. Recker prefers using ranged weapons rather than melee weapons.

Abilities Edit

"Surprise" Recker can sneak up on people without making any noise or being noticed at all.

"Target Practice" Recker can shoot an enemy and no matter what situation they may be in, the bullet will hit. (Note, the bullet will not kill unless the enemy is extremely weak)

Trivia Edit

  • Recker may often be seen drinking wine.
  • Recker is very careful with who he talks to, making sure to know everything about them before he tells them anything.
  • Recker smokes cigarettes.
  • Recker wears a top hat and a suit.
  • Recker is very quick on attacks and other actions.