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Rebun123 is an RP character used by the user of the same name

Appearance    Edit

Rebun has short black hair, with dark brown eyes, and mostly wears black clothes to stay camouflaged. A long sleeved shirt, with a usual black jacket, some long pants, and dark brown shoes. He may rarely wear a cap and shades, too. His outfit may also vary over the time and occasion.


Advanced physical Combat: Rebun is an expert in physical combat, being able to quickly overturn an enemy, but he has a very bad aim when it comes to range weapons.

Extreme Luck: Asides from his abilities, Rebun possesses a good amount of luck that helps him recover or avoid deadly hits

Quick Mobility: Rebun can get around his surroundings pretty well, but gets easily tired after constant climbing.

Cold Logic: Rebun can stop and think to the consequences of his actions and how it will help him in an advanced manner, although he can't do it when panicking.

Medical Knowledge: As the name implies, Rebun possesses a lot of Medical Knowledge.


Rebun is mostly an hyper-active person, but when the situation demands it, he's calm and thinks logically. However, even with a serious mood, he tends to make unnecessary jokes. He's a quick-thinker and sometimes he tends to act after he thinks of the first option that comes to mind. Even so, he cares about the people he's supossed to protect or spends time with, even if the feeling isn't mutual.


Rebun sometimes talks to his own mind for advice, which usually ends surprisingly good, since he unconsciously thinks of a better idea for what he's doing. His mind treats him often as a burden (Although not seriously).


Rebun tries to avoid social physical contact with other people.

He doesn't like talking about his last name and inmediatly dismisses the topic.

Adding to that, he can dismiss topics pretty easily.