ReDBeast species Edit

The ReDBeasts are a species of ghosts that roam WinDBlast

They are vicious creatures and come in many different types, each with their own abilities

ReDBeast Grunt Edit


ReDBeast Grunts are slow ReDBeasts that serve the ReDBeast Generals, they have several limbs sprouting from all over their body and a long hammer-like limb sprouting from it's head

ReDBeast Grunts walk strangely due to their odd placement of limbs, this prevents them from running and confronting the enemy.

When given the chance however, ReDBeast Grunts will reach out and claw at their foes and swing their hammer-limb, they can also bite but this is rare.

ReDBeast Crawler Edit

ReDBeast Crawler

ReDBeast Crawlers are small ReDBeasts that sneak around and attack selected victims.

They walk on their two lower arms most of the time but will sometimes use the small legs in between their arms to walk instead.

They have four arms, two for walking and two for grabbing, The ReDBeast Crawler can change their stance for different situations.

Fighting Stance: Their fighting stance is when they walk with their legs, allowing them to use all four arms to attack.

Walking Stance: Their walking stance is their most common stance and is when they use their lower arms to walk.

ReDBeast Soldier Edit

ReDBeast Soldier

The ReDBeast Soldier is a very common ReDBeast and are soldiers for the ReDBeast army.

They will usually carry spears but they have also been known to carry swords, hammers or axes.

They are very fast on their many legs but not very strong, but in numbers they are very dangerous.

There have been a few sightings of flying ReDBeast Soldiers but this is not yet confirmed.