Raven is a dark and manipulative succubus, who resides in Nightheart Castle.

Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Deception Personality Edit

While deceiving people, Raven is sweet and kind, with only a few hints of her true self showing. She tends to attempt to fluster others, but not too often. Unusually she tends to retreat during fights.

True Personality Edit

Raven is cruel, manipulative and heavily sadistic. She will openly attempt to attack her enemies using whatever methods she can. She tends to mentally and emotionally torture captured enemies and will make sure they suffer. She loves to hide in the shadows and will tend to mock anyone who trusted her before she revealed her true self.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight, granted by her wings.
  • Her long hair-tentacles allow her to grab onto things. She uses this ability the most, despite not being able to carry everything.
  • She can mentally and emotionally manipulate people, but only one person at a time.

Trivia Edit

  • Raven is one of PierrotEclipse's OC characters, having been made in Pochi Kisekae.