Randall Boggs, commonly known as Randy, who resembles a lizard and works at Monsters Incorporated.


Randy, like lizards, sports purple and blue skin with eight limbs- four arms and four legs (or two sets of each). He owns glasses, but only wears them on occasions. His tail is also retractable, but not completely, but he is known to make his tail longer and shorter in length.


For anyone or thing that doesn't know him, Randy often acts like a touch guy, or can be seen as ignorant and a douchebag. He'll end up teasing anyone who gets him the tiniest bit mad for the rest of the time he knows them, and will genuinely "harass" anyone he doesn't know well.

However, for those he is more comfortable with and/or develop a bond with, it's a different story. To them, Randy is quite caring for their well-being. He will often get into tiny arguments with anyone he's close to due to worrying about their safety. He also is willing to do anything to protect or help said individuals, as he'd never forgive himself in anything bad happened to them while under his watch.


  • It doesn't take a long time for Randy to develop a bond with you, if you want him to be a friend or helpful to you.
  • There are actually semi-not alot of individuals on his "bad side", or at the point where he barely knows them.