Pietro Maximoff, also Known as Quicksilver, is a famous Marvel Character known for his Super-Speed.

Appearance Edit

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Abilities Edit

As mentioned above, Pietro is known for his Super-Speed, not only physical, but mental, making him able to resist psychological attacks, and think while he's running, contrary to his impulsiveness. Along with that, he also has quick reflexes. Pietro is also skilled in Martial Arts and other forms of combat. He gets tired fast if he keeps a constant effort, though.

Personality Edit

Even though he's normally in a good, optimistic mood, Pietro suffers from mental illness, depression, and sometimes goes trough mental breakdowns.

Trivia Edit

  • If Pietro gets angry, he can run at a speed that makes him pass trough solid objects
  • It is thought that he has precognitive immunity, making him literally unpredictable.