Phoenix Wright, also known as Nick, is currently a Legendary Defense Attorney, that means an Defense Attorney who never lost a case.

Appearance - Edit

Clothes - Edit

His clothes in court are always a Blue Suit, under it he wears a white social shirt and a Red Tie. He also wears Blue Social Trousers[?], along with Black Social Boots. His Attorney Badge is always seen on the left part of his suit's collar.

Hairstyle - Edit

His Hair is coloured black, and features a Spiky Style. His Eyebrows have a special feature on it's ends, that is a Zigzag, Down, up, down.

Personality - Edit

Phoenix is most of the times, in court, determined and sometimes can be seen bluffing. He mostly doesn't know where he is driving at, but once he knows it, he will go on with everything he has in the Court Record, only to be stopped by evidence that disproves his theories and assumptions. He, also believes in his clients, that's what keeps him going onto finding the real culprit.

Outside of the Courthouse, he is a nice, friendly person, that will do anything at his range to protect his friends.

Abilities - Edit

  • Phoenix is exceptional at finding Contradictions in Witnesses' testimonies.
  • He uses his chief - Mia Fey -'s Pressing technique, that is one of the most effective weapons when coming to Finding Contradictions in 'perfect' lies.
  • He is also very determined. (VRY ABLITY SUCH WOW)
  • Phoenix is able to see through people's lies, using his assistent - Maya Fey's - Magatama. He sees it as Psyche-Locks, something that he must get through with evidence to make people confess.

Trivia Edit

  • Phoenix Wright's first case was one were the defendant was one of his school friends, Larry Butz (That is an 'disguided' way to say Hairy But-- Nevermind).
  • Phoenix's mentor was Mia Fey, she was the victim in Phoenix's Second case, were the defendant, was his current assistent, Maya Fey.
  • Phoenix's Rival, Miles Edgeworth, was also a school friend, whose father died when Edgeworth aged 9.