Peter "Decision Guy" (as he's called by the survivors) Lakeway is a military Sergeant that is known for having liberated three entire cities from the zombie virus.

In the AU, he led an army of experienced soldiers like he towards the heart of the infection and saved the world from the virus.


Peter wears a military outfit along with a cap.

He also has a short beard and some fingerless gloves.


Peter knows lots about hacking, engineering and many other skills.

He can run quite fast, is experienced in various fire arms and unarmed combat and can stand his position easily.


Considering Peter is a soldier that liberated three cities, don't be surpised if the armory's too big.

  • Pistols
    • Colt Python
    • Beretta Cheetah
    • Desert Eagle
  • Shotguns
    • Coach Gun
    • Winchester
    • Remington
  • Submachine Guns/Automatic Rifles
    • Heckler & Koch
    • AK-74
    • W.I.P.

(Notice: The MTF called Scouter is still at 49% of the game, so only a single weapon is missing and will be added when he progresses.)


  • Peter comes from the decision guy from the Decision game series.