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Muffet is a sentient-spider-monster, who currently resides in Hotland, which is located in the underground.

Appearance Edit

Muffet is a spider-monster with purple skin, five eyes, and six arms. She wears a red dress with pantaloons at the bottom, buttons in the front, a red ribbon across her chest, as well as two more ribbons in her hair. She is also shown holding a teacup and a teapot in her two arms.

Personality Edit

Muffet is manipulative, but tends to understand things wrong. She's very caring, but tends to mock or make fun of people when the occasion pops up. Muffet is also generous, offering cake, donuts, or other sweets and tea to her friends. She loves talking, but she pretty much does it alone since her pet died some months after Frisk had fought Muffet. She also does the Spider Dance sometimes, completely out of the random.

Relationships Edit

Neo - Muffet once has gone to the surface during a festival in the middle of the town, and in the forest, she saw Neo injured. Muffet decided to patch her up and take care of her, resulting in Neo spending a week or two in the underground with Toriel, with occasional visits from Muffet.

Mettaton - Muffet recently got in a couple with him, and cares very much for him to call him "deary". She's quite both obsessive and possessive of him.

Trivia Edit

  • She is in a relationship with Mettaton.
  • She sometimes gets drunk at Grillby's.