Mini Bot is a character used by Kingfireblast.

Appearance Edit

Mini Bot is only about 1 foot tall, but is heavily armored and can move extremely fast. Mini Bot is grayish in color with two small green eyes. Mini Bot is equipped with a drill used for breaking into rooms or attacking people.

Information Edit

Mini Bot is able to sneak around easily and can even make himself smaller if needed. Mini Bot can use thermal vision to see any living things around the area he is in. Mini Bot can also rebuild himself if he has been destroyed, but this process can take from 5 minutes to an hour. Mini Bot is battery powered meaning he can run out of power often. Mini Bot dislikes other robots and will immediately destroy them in the most brutal way possible. Mini Bot has a camera attached to his head which can be viewed via his control panel, however this will drain Mini Bot's power exceedingly fast.

Past Edit

In the past Mini Bot was used for exploring small areas and houses, being able to sneak around quickly and quietly while at the same time being deadly to any enemies in the area. He was soon taken out of action due to one mission where he malfunctioned and ended up attacking an ally, drilling their left eye out leaving them to bleed. He now sits in UB.