Appearance Edit

Mineko is at an average height with long black hair that reaches down to her waist. She has dark blue eyes and usually wears black clothing, but sometimes wears shirts that have an Anime logo. Her hair turns into sharp ice spikes as well.

Personality Edit

Mineko is usually cheerful and outgoing but is also VERY short tempered. She sometimes shouts out things that takes others by surprise and she takes pride in that. She is very competitive and likes to fight others. If it doesn't come to fighting however, she is very lazy and will often make excuses to not do something she finds to be "too much work". She is rather dense and usually doesn't catch onto things the first time. She is a huge Otaku and is a HUGE fan of Yuri. She can be slightly flirty with girls as an attempt to joke around.

Abilities Edit

As mentioned above, Mineko's hair can transform into ice spikes whenever she pleases. She can shoot these spikes at her enemies but they don't do much harm unless many of them are injected. She sometimes will inject one into someone as a joke or if she's annoyed by someone.

She can also temporarily transform into an ice dragon but only for a very short period of time.

Weaknesses Edit

Since Mineko is rather dense it is hard for her to understand complex things and it's very easy for her to be tricked in battle.

Mineko doesn't have any talents with handling weapons (such as guns, swords, bows, etc.), making her only weapon her ice abilities which can only get her so far.

Mineko can only stay in her dragon form for a maximum of 5 minutes and once she transforms back, she's basically a sitting duck until she can summon her strength back.

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