Miles Edgeworth is the current Chief Prosecutor of Los Angeles.


Refer to the Infobox, he also wears glasses sometimes.


Advanced logic: Miles can think rationally during a pressure moment, and find a quick and effective solution to it. He can also quickly connect his thoughts and relate them to the situation at hand.

Persuasion: Also known as "Logic Chess", Miles can read a person's true personality by talking a few minutes to them, and can use that as his advantage to get them to talk.

Organizer: Miles keeps an organizer in which he can quickly sketch or take notes about important things, although he relies more on his memory.

Basic Defense: After being confronted at gunpoint and being hit in the head from behind once, Miles studied some defense manouvers that help him overturn a person's force back at him.

Great Liar: Name explains all.


Edgeworth is pretty much a calm, level-headed person, but he always seems cold and distant towards others, which gives him a lot of insecurity and lack of social skills. He dislikes being in the spotlight, so he always tries to credit another person. He hates showing his weaknesses and sometimes refuses help from other people even if he's suffering inside.

Even so, he does care about his friends, and may even go to a point of bending the law to help them.

He also has an obsession with the truth, and is usually hard to stop when he's focused on getting it.


He has a fear of Earthquakes and Elevators.