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Mettaton is a cowardess robot who was created by Dr. Alphys.

Created by Dr. Alphys (or Alphys)
Species Robot
Gender Male
Occupation Being a coward, for all I know
Nicknames Metta (Almost everyone), Deary (Muffet), Pervert Scrap-metal (any asshole that he knows)


Metta has black hair with a fringe that covers his right eye, pale "skin", and visible metal segments below and above his left eye.

He has a pink chest piece, a dial on one side and a speaker on the other, a narrow metallic waist which holds his soul (or what he describes as a heart), and black shoulder guards above his segmented arms, which end in gloves. His long black-clad legs end in pink heeled boots.


Mettaton is a sweet and charming robot. He's usually always nervous and is a huge coward. Metta usually either cowards out of a situation, or, very rarely, is serious and tries to put an end to it. Though, almost nobody knows that he's a goddamn pervert!


Alphys- Alphys is Mettaton's creator. They tend to talk to eachother from time to time, usually discussing topics ONLY about anime. Goddamnit Alphys.

Muffet- Okay, I need to state something. Muffet is Mettaton's girlfriend. Yes, you heard me right. These two are together. Mettaton loves Muffet and will do anything just to protect her. He usually flirts with her and is always calm around her. (Which means they cuddle :3)

Sans- Sans and Mettaton are best bros, man. They've known eachother from the start. Both play pranks on eachother, and tell horrible puns to eachother, too! I guess those puns are sometimes sans-sational, huh?