Maya Fey is a kind, albeit slightly hyperactive friend to Rebun and co.

Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Maya is a cheerful, friendly, albeit slightly hyperactive girl. She has firm loyalty to her friends, and will try her hardest to keep them safe. Despite appearances, she actually has a depressed side, due to her sister's death. Shockingly enough, she actually cares for Sachiko, and treats her as a little sister.

Abilities Edit

In certain RPs, Maya has advanced spiritual abilities. These are those abilities.

  • An advanced sixth sense, allowing her to detect nearby spirits.
  • The ability to "channel" spirits, allowing them to technically speak through her.
  • Mild parkouring skills, allowing her to traverse courses with ease.
  • Slight medical skills, learned from Rebun.

Relationships Edit

Good Friends Edit



Seiko (Deceased)

John (Despite his annoying tendencies)



Friends Edit

King (He annoys her a bit, but she values his friendship)

Sachiko (Above all odds, she's conversed with Sachiko quite a few times. Rebun doesn't know, however.)

Dislikes Edit

Big Smiles (He creeps her out.)

Red Longs (^)

The Smiling Man (Too many ghost stories)

Trivia Edit

  • Maya is originally from the Ace Attorney video game series.
  • In this AU, she doesn't know Phoenix Wright, and her sister was murdered in a different manner.