May Bloodline is one of the many Ultra Blade users in her kingdom, also the only female.

Appearance Edit

Photo of her to the right.

Personality Edit

May is a loving person. A typical loli, onee-chan, type of girl. She has major emotion changes from her Nico Nico Nii personality to a serious, stern type. She may look like a pretty face but she uses that to fool people to giving or doing things for her.

Abilities Edit

Due to her training as a Ultra Blade User, May is a expert at handling a blade called the Ultra Blade. A Ultra Blade is a heavy sword that can't be wielded by someone who has a corrupted or weak heart and soul. She is very quick on her feet and able to block the most powerful of attacks, unless her Will is broken. Her Will is something that protects her. Will is what gives her strength, speed, and power.

Weapon of Choice Edit

Angelic Ultra Blade is May's weapon of choice. This Ultra Blade has came from Heaven and given to May from a Angel, as the name says. This Blade has a trump card in store called Blinding Light. This blade casts a blinding light and blinds anyone near it. Another special thing about this blade is it repairs itself. If the blade is broken, it takes 5 minutes for it to repair but both parts of the blade must be near if not on one another. The final thing that this Blade can do is send a slash of Angel light at something or someone.