Kenta Akeno "Kaine" Kentaro, mostly known as Kaine, is a Japanese-Chinese-Czech ninja, hunter, warrior, and many other things. He is one of the characters Kaine uses the most. His name has meanings in it in Japanese. Kenta means "One who has health and is well-formed", Akeno means "In the morning; bright shining field; beautiful sunrise/dawn." , and Kentaro means "sharp, big boy." Kaine apparently means "acquired; spear; battle". He is mostly an anti-hero, and appears in all RPs in one form or another.

About Kaine Edit

It is known that Kaine's father, the Grandmaster of the Shadō Senshi, started training Kaine at a very young age. He wished for his successor to be like him, only better; "More stealthier than the night. And more deadlier as the dawn. Striking faster than a bullet. And sharper than a sword." At age 13, he overwhelmed the entire Shadouhantā clan and merged it with the Shadō Senshi, impressing his father and giving him the Dragon Medallion, which usage is unknown.