Késòu Edit

Késòu is a martial arts fighter who travels the world, ending up in all kinds of situations

Appearance Edit

Késòu wears a torn outfit, black belt and black shoes.

Backstory Edit

Késòu was raised in a small village in China and was taught to fight by his master, Ruǎnfēng.

One day during training, a strange man dressed in a black gi approached the village and challenged Ruǎnfēng to a fight, the man in the black gi fought differently than Késòu's master, Késòu thought to himself if there was more martial arts.

Késòu was then convinced that he wanted to travel the world

And so after years of training, he left the village so he could search the world, help those in need and find new fighters so he could study their fighting and test his own strength.

Personality Edit

Késòu is a very confident and determined fighter and isn't afraid of most things, he's usually very lost and confused when nothing really is happening, but in the heat of the battle he is focused greatly.

Fighting Style Edit

Késòu uses the Mantis fighting style and has very good defense and speed, his blows are deadly and his kicks are painful.