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Junko is the Ultimate Puppeteer, and another former student of Hope's Peak Academy.

Appearance (Junko) Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality (Junko) Edit

Junko is a calm and collected individual, who prefers to speak through her puppets. She likes to talk about puppets, and seems to show no remorse when she manipulates someone, laughing if found out. She has an odd love of despair, and like Monaka, she laughs slightly if she sees a corpse.

Despite her appearances, she actually does care for her friends, even though she calls them "her most precious puppets".

Her favorite puppet to use is a monochrome bear named Monokuma, seen in the gallery and infoboxes below.

Abilities (Junko) Edit

  • Junko can manipulate people through lies, similar to Celestia.
  • If she can hook someone with the strings of her control bars, Junko can control someone's movement like a marionette. The only way to break her control on them is to separate the strings from the person, by cutting it or other manners.
  • Junko can control puppets like Monokuma without a string, though it renders her physical body unable to move.

Trivia (Junko) Edit

  • Must I have to guess on everyone's ages?
  • Junko is still similar to her original self, just toned down and edited a bit for UB.
  • Giving Junko the Puppeteer talent just seemed....right.
  • Junko managed to create an AI of herself, in case of death.

Gallery (Junko) Edit

Appearance (Monokuma) Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality (Monokuma) Edit

Due to being a puppet, the only personality Monokuma has is the one Junko assigns him with.

Abilities (Monokuma) Edit

  • Seemingly being able to move around on his own. (Junko controlling him from afar)

Trivia (Monokuma) Edit

  • Nothing much to add here, just saying that I made him a puppet that Junko controls, etc.
  • Monokuma and Junko can be in the same room, as Junko will often control him to make it seem like they're two different beings.

Gallery (Monokuma) Edit