James Hussar is a horse-riding soldier from Poland.

History Edit

James was in the 6th division lancing cavalry unit in Warsaw. James fought in WWII, but he was very young at the time, only being 16. James named his horse Lettervolt. Him and the rest of his group rushed three panzer tanks during the battle for Warsaw and managed to destroy all three. Though, half of James's other cavalry soldiers had died, he and a few others survived the battle for Warsaw and successfully made it to France, joining the French army.

Personality Edit

James isn't very rude to people and tends to try and be social and make friends. Though, James sometimes ends up being rude/harsh when anyone insults the military, his bravery, or his choice of weaponry. James is very kind to his horse and his friends, and defends them no matter what.

Abilities Edit

Winged-Hussar, Cavalry Charge: While riding his horse, Lettervolt, James can build up a charge and destroy the enemy by simply running over them, and stabbing them with his lance.

Trivia Edit

James doesn't ever let his guard down.

Lettervolt has scars on his back.

James only uses his lance as a weapon.

James will be riding Lettervolt 90% of the time.

Lettervolt's name came from how he used to deliver letters.

James's main horse became Lettervolt after his old horse got injured.

Lettervolt does not like retreating and neither does James.