Ib is a young, teenage girl, at average height. Her quiet personality and calm appearance hide many traumatic secrets.

Personality Edit

Ib is very shy and introverted, rarely speaking to people she doesn't know. The trauma of seeing one of her closest friends burn to death has prevented her from making new friends for fear of losing them. However, once you get to know her, she's loyal and devoted though slightly clingy.

Abilities Edit

  • Can easily listen in on people, due to not speaking much.
  • Ib is fluent in Japanese, allowing her to act as a translator.
  • Ib's Red Rose represents her life. If its petals fall off or are pulled off, Ib will die.

Friends Edit

Alive: Edit

  • Rebun
  • Garry (Distant friend)
  • Shinozaki Ayumi (Depending on timeline of RP)
  • Kingfireblast (Sorta)

Deceased Edit

  • Unknown Best Friend (Most likely Mary)
  • Shinohara Seiko
  • Suzumoto Mayu
  • Shinozaki Ayumi (Depending on timeline of RP)

Trivia Edit

  • Ib once was close to Garry but their friendship slowly died out due to them not speaking. They remain distant friends.
  • This is an AU version of Ib.
  • Her deceased friend may be Mary, due to Mary's canonical death by fire.
  • She likes to call Rebun "Rebun-nii".
  • Adding to the above comment. She also likes to hug Rebun.