Ian H. Johnson is the leader of the survivor faction "Surwanders" in the nevadean zombie metropolis called Zed city.


Shown in the image.

Ian always wears the vest, although he sometimes he takes it off.


A charismatic and (kind of) intelligent man, Ian can be almost always seen with a smile on his face, and rarely is seen angry or sad.

These abilities can usually get him out of some situations and help him recruit survivors.

His sight can be compared to an eagle's, since he can spot things in the distance like no other survivor could.


The Surwanders are one of the most friendly factions in the wastelands, although they keep a close eye on enemy factions and will put a bullet in the head of everyone that threatens them or an allied faction.

They have advanced weapons and enough supplies that could last for atleast 10 or 11 months (although they have some little farms that give them enough supplies).

Their base has well defended scrap metal walls and little towers for the guards. They have some small barracks that can house 4 people each.


  • Ian doesn't quite like cats after an experience where he tried to rescue a cat from a tree, in which he "managed" the cat to get off the tree. Although on his face.
  • Ian's astrological sign is Scorpio, which explains why he is a leader.