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Hiyoko is the Super High School Level Traditional Dancer, and a former student of Hope's Peak Academy.

Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Hiyoko is a sarcastic individual, often making cruel jokes at the expense of others. She openly states when she dislikes someone, unless she has to restrain her hatred for her own motives.

She can be quite selfish at times, often acting only for her own wishes.

Around people she wishes to deceive, she often acts kind, but still mildly selfish.

Abilities Edit

  • Naturally, due to being the Ultimate Traditional Dancer, Hiyoko's dancing skills are highly above average.
  • Slight supernatural powers, enough to remember those who died in Heavenly Host.
  • She can wield weapons such as knives..with slightly more skill than normal people.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Dangan Ronpa 2, Hiyoko was a rather cruel person. I changed this, for the sake of a half-decent story with her.
  • Hiyoko's infobox appearance is definitely different from her gallery sprites.
  • More will be added to the Trivia later.