Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Himeno is an outgoing, lively, and stubborn girl, with a strong sense of loyalty. She believes that second chances should be earned, not given. Unfortunately, her stubborn nature causes her to have a hard time hearing "no", and winds up getting her into a lot of arguments/fights. Unlike one of her friends, she's not a fan of puns.

Internally, however, she's rather insecure about herself and her abilities, constantly second-guessing herself as a result.

Abilities Edit

  • Himeno has a sharp sense of hearing, allowing her to hear normally inaudible noises.
  • Himeno has agility befitting a 15-year old, which she often utilizes to escape dangerous situations.

Trivia Edit

  • Himeno originates from Sound of Drop - fall into poison -. As she's one of my favorite characters from that game, I wanted to put her here as well.
  • I made her a year older, for RP purposes.
  • Since I don't know how tall she is or how much she weighs, I made those two up.
  • Himeno is currently in a relationship with Yoshiko.