Godot is an ex-defense attorney, and a current prosecutor.


Godot is white haired, and wears a cyan shirt with a white tie under a skin colored vest, he also wears black long pants with black shoes. A visor divided into three red lenses covers his upper face.


He can ignore small amounts of pain.

His visor glows in the dark.

He can handle melee weapons with a good ability.


Godot is usually calm and collected, but most of the time he's arrogant, and intolerant, always thinking high of himself when in a good mood. However, he can easily be pissed when he's proven wrong beyond a shadow of doubt. He can be quite optimistic on most situations, and will never give up unless proven impossible.


His visor is not a fashion object, as he needs it to see, without it, he can barely see.

His visor doesn't work quite well, as he can't see red on a white background.

His white hair is a result of a poison that affected his whole nervous system.