Furred Fish Edit

Furred Fish are a odd species of fish that have distinctive thick fur.

So far there have only been two different species of Furred Fish discovered, these include...

The Blue Furred Fish Edit

Blue Furred Fish

The Blue Furred Fish is a more giant species and is sometimes used as mounts. They have a large blue body and tail, covered in thick blue fur. They have strong brown legs that can crush with powerful force.

Their diet is mostly meat and they eat land animals and fish alike. They catch their prey using their strong legs and jaws.

Three Claw Fur Fish

The Three Clawed Fur Fish Edit

A more common species of Furred Fish, The Three Clawed Fur Fish (or Three Claw Fish) is a smaller species of Furred Fish that is covered in brown fur and has two very long arms accompanied by long and odd claws.

This species prefers bugs and insects and feeds off of smaller prey. They can stretch their arms out to grab all sorts of insects to then fling into it's jaws.

They can be a sometimes hostile species sometimes biting, scratching and kicking other humans and animals.