The Fear Forest is the location used in the RP of the same name.

Fear Forest is a forest with various sections with dark figures inhabiting every section.

Each section of the forest represents a type of fear and the characters must make it through each fear in order to reach the exit. Here are all those sections:

Neutral Zone Edit

This is the starting point and contains no fears. It is marked with grey and is located in the center of the map.

Losing Friends Edit

This section surrounds the Neutral Zone. It is marked by skin color and contains the fear of losing friends. Characters will hallucinate and sometimes actually lose some friends at this point.

Gore Edit

The section of Gore is right after Losing Friends and is marked by red. Characters will see blood and body parts scattered in the environment and will sometimes hallucinate seeing bloody scenes of gory murder.

Bugs Edit

This section is located at the back of Losing Friends and is marked by green. It contains the fear of bugs. Mosquitoes, spiders and other creatures are all located in this section in great numbers and some are giant in size.

Pain, Torture Edit

This area surrounds all of the areas above and is marked by blue. Characters will immediately feel pain as soon as this section is entered. Both of their minds and bodies will be tortured as long as they stay in this section. This section is one of the most life threatening parts of the forest.

Being Lost Edit

This area surrounds all areas in the forest except for the outer layer and is marked by a tan color. Sharing similar traits with Losing Friends, this section drives characters insane by changing the environment with each step causing confusion about where they are.

Your Worst Fear Edit

This area surrounds the entire forest. It is marked with black and is the last section of the forest. The contents of the area is completely based on the characters fears. The more characters there are in this section, the more fear there will be. This is the most dangerous section of the forest and is hard to get past.

Outside Edit

The outside of the forest marked by white. Containing no fears at all, making it outside the forest means that the RP has been completed.