Experiment B is a magnified zombified version of a normal Sleepwalker Experiment.


Shown in the image.

Of course, Experiment B was magnified, but no recordings or images of it magnified were found.


As a Sleepwaker Experiment, it can revive an infinite ammount of times, although somehow decapitating or destroying the head will kill it.

Experiment B can make zombies and sleepwalkers arround him be allied as long as he is in their reach.


Nobody knows how Experiment B was infected or experimented on when he was infected, but a log found in the ruins of Outpost 5c has Chief Michael (now deceased) explain his escape from science facility 47a.

Log 1484b

[Log start.]

(Chief Michael enters the room and mumbles something)

C. Michael: Hello, fellow agents and scientists. I am Chief Michael and i'm here to report one of the most terrible threats to our agency.

(Michael clears his throat)

C. Michael: Yesterday, at science facility 47a, experiments on reanimated being were going normal. Project Experiment B was resting on its giant tube.

C. Michael: Experiment B is why I am here right now.

C. Michael: It was being watched and everything was fine, until the power turned off.

Its tube opened, it awakened from its imprisonment, and it looked at the ones who had kept it in there, experimenting on it.

(Michael is visibly nervous)

C. Michael: It went on a rampage, a massacre. It squashed, stomped and ripped all the members of the facility. The bullets didn't affect its magnified body, they were simple crumbs of bread to it.

C. Michael: Now, it's roaming the wastelands, seeking more blood to splatter.

C. Michael: I advice you all to hide or run far away from your facility if you hear hear or see something that doesn't look like a genuine mag agent.

(ATP engineer Smith enters the room, with a rifle in his hands. Alarms start to sound in the background)

Smith: Sir! Experiment B has been spotted in the facility!

C. Michael: *sigh* Just in time..

(A loud crash is heard and rubble fills the right side of the room)

Smith: HE'S HERE!

(Smith shoots at the wall, before being grabbed by a giant rotten hand with scrap metal parts covering it.)


(Smith screams in pain as he is horribly torn to shreds. No more video from this point and audio is muffled. Giant steps are heard as well gunshots from a 9mm. A giant stomp is heard as Michael screams in agony.)

[Log end.]

The footage was found near the dismembered bodies of Chief Michael and ATP Engineer Smith.

Torn parts of scrap metal were covering Smith's body, presumably from the hand mentioned in the footage.


  • The zombies and sleepwalkers team ability is a malfunction in its mask which should be suppoused to also make it communicate.
  • Experiment B can use fire arms, but just Mag ones.