Ellen ______ is a centuries-old witch, and the cause of the "Murders of Art".

Appearance Edit

See the photo to the right.

Personality Edit

Past Edit

Ellen is a dark and cruel person, becoming this way after constant neglect and hatred from her parents. She kills people with no second thoughts, and tends to dismember their corpses. Due to her innocent and kind appearance, she can easily manipulate people. This is how she was able to lure so many people to their deaths.

Present Edit

Ellen is sorrowful and remorseful, despising the fact that she was a serial killer, and treating those past memories like a witness's. She prefers to not speak of the events, due to them shattering her sanity. Under her cover, Ellen still longs for someone to love her, and when she finds someone who cares for her, she will go to extreme lengths to protect them, if need be.

Abilities Edit

The majority of Ellen's abilities require a 5-minute cooldown, so they can recharge safely. These are:

  • Teleportation, but only to places she knows.
  • Flight, but only for 2 minutes at a time.
  • Telekinesis, albeit only being able to move objects and people lighter than her.
  • Disguising herself as someone else, albeit only people she knows.

These abilities can be used at any time, due to being slightly weaker.

  • Telepathy. Ellen can only speak with people within a mile of her, however.
  • Her singing voice is rather beautiful, despite what she says against it.
  • Mind reading. This goes hand in hand with telepathy, allowing her to hear others' thoughts, then respond to them. Again, she can only read the thoughts of those within a mile of her.

Relationships Edit

None yet, due to rarely speaking to people. (This will change later.)

Trivia Edit

  • The original character belongs to Fummy, and originates from "The Witch's House".
  • Despite having the same name as her, Ellen is NOT the User-Based character of PierrotEclipse. She will most likely not make a User-Based character.
  • Despite her 10 year-old appearance, she's actually several centuries old.
  • More will be added to this page, due to it being incomplete.

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