Doug Rattmann, mostly known as "Rat man" or "Lab Rat", is a paranoid-schizophrenic ex-scientist.


Check the image to the right, he always wears a labcoat, with a white buttoned shirt under.

He also wears some lightly blue pants and some black shoes.

He only wears scientist attire.


Doug has above-average technical skills, being able to hack into computers with some patience.

He also has some average physical skills, being able to avoid a few bullets, but getting shot if he can't find a place to take cover. Adding to that, bullet wounds can leave him unconscious if the injure is severe.

He has pretty good quick thinking skils, also being able to solve complex puzzles.

He can also draw pretty artistic drawings in a short time.


Doug is a schizophrenic, although he can take anti-psychotics to go back to sanity.

When he's sane, he's quite reasonable and skeptical.

Overall, he's a quiet, artistic person, and doesn't like to talk to people that much.

He has an obsession over his companion cube, who he believes can talk, guiding and warning him about hidden traps, dangers, or hazards.


Doug haves Anisocoria, meaning his pupil size is unequal.

In this Alternate Universe, he escaped Aperture Laboratories.