Damien Votkik is a character created by Kingfireblast.

Damien spent most of his days hiding in his house. No one really knew why until he finally revealed he had an adult tiger living with him. He uses the tiger mostly for self defense and mostly treats it as a pet. The tiger is female and named Killma, after how many she tried to kill Damien.

Personality Edit

Damien is a very calm and friendly person who really just wants to make friends. Damien only really gets mad at people if they insult him, Killma, or his friends. Damien gets extremely angry if anybody touches Killma without his permission, Killma also gets angry. Damien likes all cats, but he likes big cats better. Damien loves cats so much, he has a poster of multiple cats in his wallet. Damien is fairly smart, but he's not a genius. Damien, if in a fight, will only use a knife or punches. Damien knows if he's in any situation, Killma will help him, especially in a fight.

Killma Edit

Killma is Damien's pet tiger.

Killma is female.

Killma's name comes from how many times she tried to kill Damien when she was younger.

Killma is good at fighting.

Killma only eats what Damien gives her.

Killma gets angry if anyone touches Damien.

Killma gets angry if anyone touches her that isn't Damien.

Killma likes other cats.