"H'YES!" ~ Captain Falcon after landing Falcon Dive
"Show me your moves!" ~ Taunting an opponent

Appearance Edit

A alt color of Captain Falcon's suit. It's a combination of a flight suit and body armor and a helmet.

Personality Edit

A mysterious bounty hunter that is not afraid to show his moves to anyone. His mostly friendly when you're not on his bounty list.

Abilities Edit

Being his nickname on SSB4 "The SuperSonic Slugger" He has incredible strength. He was able to almost take out a very highly skilled swords women with 3 moves.

Some of those moves being...

FALCON PUNCH- The move that everyone knows. The legendary Falcon Punch. The Falcon Punch is a powerful, flaming straight punch that has a lot of knockback. A flaming falcon appears as he punches.

Falcon Dive- A aerial move used to grab opponents by the neck and creates an explosion not fatal to Captain Falcon or the person the move is being used on, but the move causes them to either go straight down, or away from him.

Falcon Kick- A flaming kick that travels a long way. The kick causes flaming damage or catches people on fire.

Knee of Justice - A violent Knee that is jabbed quickly it has a lot of knock back and lightning to it.

Triva Edit

  • Is also a racer
  • I don't really know C. Falcon's personality
  • He is 35 and still bounty hunts
  • He only used the weapon in his hostler once
  • He has a scar on his left eye