Appearance Edit

Blizzard Snow is a teenage Earth Pony with a white coat with patches of light blue. She has a mixture of blue and green eyes. She has a long, dark blue mane and tail with light blue highlights.

Personality Edit

Blizzard Snow's personality is a complicated one. She can be very sarcastic and cruel but very kind the next second. She always tries to make jokes out of other people's misery or pain.

She's not very confident and looks up to Unicorns and Pegasi out of jealousy.

She has a lack of energy and would rather lie around then do anything else. Like Mineko, (my other OC) she has a fascination with Danishes.

She loves the cold, since she's lived in a cold area her entire life. She always acts like she's going to die whenever she gets the slightest bit hot.

Abilities Edit

Since she's an Earth Pony, she obviously has the strength that Earth Ponies are known for having.

She can also temporarily grow huge ice wings, but she's a very clumsy flier, knocking into almost everything in her path.

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