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Personality Edit

Bee is space-casey and impulsive, she often acts without thinking which leads to her getting into serious trouble. She is shown to be very kind. Bee cares about her friends very deeply, and would do anything for them.

She doesn't give up easily; even though she has no skills or magic of her own, she does what she can to help her friends. She places her loyalty to those she considers friends very quickly.

Bee has a somewhat gluttonous side to her, because she always dreams about food and would do anything to have it. This may, however, be an extension of her not having enough money to buy food.

Bee is also afraid of water, the reason for that is unknown, though.

Abilities Edit

* Bee can understand other languages than English.

* She can drive a motorcycle.

* Bee is smart enough to find out the meanings of some dreams.

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Quotes Edit

"I got fired today."

"I've got some ice for your crotch!"

"Crap I forgot to buy Food money!"

"I hate water!"

"You took too long, now your candy's gone, that's what happens...Bu-gow!"