Ayumi Shinozaki is a former student of Kisaragi Academy, with many records on her having been destroyed.

Appearance Edit

Ayumi's appearance has pretty much always been the same. Blue twintails tied by red hair ties, a beige/tan long-sleeved sailor shirt, a blue schoolgirl shirt, white socks, and white and blue uwabaki slippers. She has blue eyes, and pale skin.

Personality Edit

Ayumi is a kind and loyal girl, deeply devoted to her friends and family. Despite appearances, she actually gets scared easily, but can shrug it off to protect those she cares about.

Relationships Edit

Alive Edit

  • Rebun (Close Friend)
  • Ib (Close Friend)
  • Kingfire (Friend)
  • Garry (Stranger)

Deceased Edit

  • Mayu (Close Friend)
  • Seiko (Close Friend)
  • Mary (Ally)

Abilities Edit

  • Ayumi can create proxy dolls at will out of the elements, and fire them at her targets.
  • She has sufficient knowledge of magic, enough to use the Book of Shadows.
  • She can turn into a ghost at will.

Trivia Edit

  • Depending on the time of the RP she's in, Ayumi can either be alive or dead.
  • The "Revival Ritual" will be revealed later.