Athos is a Cobalion gijinka.

Gijinka cobalion by fir3h34rt-d41pp3r
Gender Male
Species Gijinka
DNA Cobalion
Occupation Being lazy
Nicknames Soon to be added when I use him in RP


Human formeEdit

Athos is a light skinned human with a teal colored robe, black and white boots, a white colored shirt, long yellow horns, and two spiky yellow blades on his shoulders. He has spiky yellow hair that sticks upwards.

Pokemon formeEdit


Athos, in Pokemon forme, is a Cobalion.

Athos, in Pokemon form, is a teal colored goat-like Pokemon with long yellow horns, frightening yellow eyes, white chest fur, two spiky blades on his shoulders, and a light blue spiky tail.

Athos' legs have sock-like markings on them. They start with a black arrow pointing downwards, going down with a long light blue stripe, and ends with his hooves being colored completely black.

Athos also possesses four small ovals on his fur, but it is unknown why they are there.


Athos is a laid-back, kind guy, but he's usually very lazy unless the situation he's in is serious. His glare is very unsettling and can make even an unruly Pokemon or human obey him.

When angered, Athos is very violent. He will try to kill anyone who provokes him. When Athos becomes sad, he will usually stay remote from other people, or just silent if in a group.


To be added.